John the Baptist parish is a welcoming, supportive community of believers inspired by the life of Jesus. We are called to make Christ present in our parish, in our local community and in our world.

Our mission is to know Christ and to make him known; to be a community committed to discovering Christ present in each person through our ministry to each other, our service to the wider community, the joyful celebration of the Eucharist and other sacraments, and our active concern for social justice.

We have a large parish with over 15,000 parishioners and many ministries, such as the catechist program involving 70 parishioners providing religion classes to Catholic pupils in local public schools. The parish church is located in between two schools and can accommodate large numbers of people. It has some items of historical interest including the organ built in 1879 and restored and moved from Hobart in 2006 to its new home in Bonnyrigg Heights.

John the Baptist runs a successful parish based sacramental program. The parent’s involvement in the preparation of each sacrament of Reconciliation, Communion and Confirmation proves to be an opportunity to walk together with their children on their spiritual journey.


‘I see John the Baptist as the one who “Bridged the gulf between the old and new testaments”, as the one “who prepared the way of the Lord” – and perhaps I offer that you do as the first thoughts of our new Parish, that in all we do, we “are preparing the way of the Lord” in our district, in our homes. In our hearts.’

Father John Langtry (1985)