***Due to the current situation with Covid-19, we have cancelled this week’s meeting 21/3/2020. Announcements will be made in regards to our next meeting***



Years 5 & 6 Primary school students & Year 7 High School
students are welcome to join the at John the Baptist Parish commencing March, 21st 2020.

Our aim is to encourage young people within our community to come together to engage, learn, pray and become involved in spiritual life and explore our Catholic faith.

Children will be involved in prayer, activities, games, short
films, reflection and group discussions.

Where: John the Baptist Parish Hall

Time: 3:30pm—5:15pm

Cost: Free. Food and drinks will be provided

Below are the dates for this year:
Saturday, 21st March
Saturday, 18th April
Saturday, 16th May
Saturday, 20th June
Saturday, 18th July
Saturday, 15th August
Saturday, 26th September
Saturday, 17th October
Saturday, 14th November
Saturday, 5th December

If you have any further questions or queries, please contact the parish office. Letters will go home in the next week.
Jordan Youth Group Committee